Blackwater player tests negative on RT-PCR

·1 min read

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) announced that the RT-PCR test taken by the Blackwater player on Sunday yielded a negative result.

The development bodes well for the said player from the Elite and the league in general. He also tested negative on the antigen test that was administered also on Sunday.

However, the said Blackwater player will remain in quarantine as a precautionary measure and will go through the same exact process that the referee, who had also tested negative both on RT-PCR and antigen, went through.

The league, in a statement, exhorted that everyone involved in the “bubble” remain vigilant in practicing all of the prescribed protocols.

“The PBA bubble remains intact, and has not been breached. Nevertheless, we urge all participants to be extra cautious and strictly follow the protocols set for them inside the bubble,” the league’s statement read. (JNP)

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