Blipshift's 'Automn 2021' sale is here — including an official Autoblog collab

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Blipshift is back again for another "Automn" sale! If you somehow don't know Blipshift by now, it's time to get familiar. The brand offers limited-run, car-based T-shirt designs every few days, and Autoblog has been collaborating with and fawning over them for years. In fact, this autumn, we're collaborating with the brand yet again to bring you the awesome "Can't See Straight" design in a brand new colorway.

We're always impressed with the designs offered by the undisputed pun champions of automotive-inspired apparel, and this sale is no different. In addition to tees, this year you'll also find things like socks, coveralls and even super exclusive NFTs for sale. The sale runs from right now until 11:59 PM ET on Monday. Check out some of our favorite selections below.

Can't See Straight (Autoblog Collab) - $20

Our fifth collaboration with Blipshift so far, this new tee brings a fresh take on the "Can't See Straight" design with a darker base for the main tee and a splash of Autoblog red, as well as the Autoblog logo on the back. Check with your family physician if you think you might suffer from interstataphobia and as Blipshift so succinctly put it "ask your doctor if curves are right for you."

Moar Power - $16

Some things in life are just indisputable, and the message on this shirt is one of them. It's true that money doesn't buy happiness, but it'll buy you a Lambo, and to our eyes it sure seems like there's very little difference. If you don't have Lamborghini money quite yet, though, you can at least pick up this tee in the meantime.

Best Bro - $16

There's no better bro than a Bronco and there's no better way to show love to your best bro than this awesome tee. The original Best Bro design featured a blue Bronco on a darker background, but we think the green against this sandy beige really makes it pop like never before.

Leadfoot To Temptation - $16

This has to be one of our favorite Blipshift designs. We've all had to contend with that little devil before, sitting on our shoulder, whispering in our ear to push it just a little harder, all while the angel on our opposite shoulder is telling us to keep it reasonable. It's a classic dilemma summed up very entertainingly in the new "Leadfoot To Temptation" design.

Swede Steed - $16

To many, "supercars" and "Italy" seem to go hand in hand, but we say let's give Sweden some shine, eh? It's more than just delicious meatballs and impeccable minimalist home design. After all, Koenigsegg only makes some of the fastest cars the world has ever seen, no big deal or anything. And Volvo brought the world the "moose avoidance test" which, in turn, birthed the prancing moose logo you see above. This shirt slaps the Swedeified take on the classic Ferrari logo onto a red backdrop to make it possibly the most stylish way ever to show off your love of Swede Steeds. All hail the moose.

Flatspiracy NFT Collection - $200

If you're asking yourself "what in the world is an NFT?" then this probably isn't the deal for you, but if you're a digital art collector building up your collection for your inevitable mansion in the metaverse, well then, why not get in on some Flatspiracy action? The NFT's are "limited to 1 of 1 for each flat-astic color combination" which makes owners part of a pretty exclusive club. As you probably know, you'll need a digital wallet to get one. You can check out the details right here.

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