Brick-makers build a hypnotic rhythm

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

There's no rhythm like brick-making, the Internet learned this week from a video that shows workers shaping, molding and placing bricks in a hypnotic back and forth that's a stellar example of teamwork.

The video of workers in Bangladesh painstakingly making bricks one at a time and laying them out to dry in the sun landed on the front page of Reddit on Friday morning, garnering more than 1200 comments.

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However, the original video appears to have been posted a few years ago by artist Steven Follen, who said on his blog that he recorded it during an exchange fellowship to the U.K., Bangladesh and India.

In a blog post entitled Brick Power, Follen explained how he toured the brick fields outside of Dhaka, Bangladesh and learned about how bricks are made there.

"We got lost in the process of brick making and firing. The sounds and the rhythm of the work, the patterns, the processes," he wrote.

The post includes pictures of bricks with words and names imprinted on to them, including "Nokia," "Home" and "Hope." Once they've dried outside, he wrote that workers transfer the bricks to a kiln on cycle-rickshaws.

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Follen wrote the workers make about £18 or $28 Canadian, per week. His series of videos shows the process of preparing clay, building and moving bricks.