A happy way to say 'Thank you'

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A happy way to say 'Thank you'

A global beverage company is making waves for its latest local commercial, a short film titled “The Happiest Thank You.”

While we will leave it up to you to see if the advertisement is worthy of a share or your "awww," here are some nice-to-know details about the viral video:

The company credits a third party agency for conducting a research on the people in the advertisement.

"Amongst the interesting stories gathered, we selected the top four stories that were 1) regular scenarios in the lives of Filipinos, and 2) we felt people could relate to the most,” Coca-Cola said in an email when probed about the video.

Was it staged? Well, Coca-cola said the advertisement was “not a regular commercial shoot.” Apparently, some of the personalities in the video were shot when they were “not aware."

"We wanted to capture their genuine reactions…in order for this to happen, we worked closely with the respective groups where they are working or based,” the beverage company said.

It added that hidden cameras were set up in several spots "very early in the morning to ensure that everything is in place before the subjects arrived.” Some interviews shown in the ad were only conducted after the cameras were revealed.

The film is based on Coca-Cola’s global campaign “Share a Coke,” a strategy that began in Australia and has been adapted in 53 different countries, said Coca-Cola.

“If presented the opportunity to connect with and/or call people by their names and provide them a small token of gratitude...the impact to that person is immeasurable. Sharing happiness is always immeasurable but fulfilling,” the company added.