Riding the Rapids of Tibiao River

Finally, the under the radar province of Antique is slowly gaining attention from adventure-seekers. Despite being hit by typhoon Yolanda, Tibiao is determined to rise again and one way to help boost their economy is by exploring the municipality. Tibiao is accessible via Iloilo and Aklan, making it an excellent side trip when visiting Boracay Island. Both Tribal Adventures and Katahum Tours offer reasonably-priced eco-adventure tours here.

For an off-the-beaten-track excursion, head to Tibiao River, concealed in the soaring mountain clad by verdant tropical jungle in Brgy. Tuno. It is a great spot for river canoeing or kayaking; it was once the venue of the International Kayaking Competition in 1997.

Tibiao River rapids offer different levels of difficulty; good for both beginners and pro-kayakers. The jump off point for river kayaking is at Kayak Inn, a modest adventure park sitting on the slopes of Mt. Majad-as, the highest point in Panay Island. Visitors are first briefed and Grade 1 course (Basic Kayaking Course) is introduced. First timers will be taught how to ride and paddle a kayak in the calm part of the river.

Right after, Grade 2 course is taught to those who want to experience kayaking in mainly clear passages dappled with some irregular rocks and with moderate current and small whirlpools. Grade 3 to 4 course are recommended for professionals only as it requires maneuvering through powerful and difficult rapids with drops, mighty whirlpools, dodgy exposed rocks and irregular waves. Guides are also there to assist each kayaker to ensure their safety.

Experience kayaking in the emerald green placid Tibiao River and be pampered in a kawa hot bath after to soothe your tired muscles!

For Tibiao Whitewater Rafting Eco-Adventure Tour contact:

Tribal Adventures http://www.tribaladventures.com/skayakinn.shtml

Katahum Tours: http://katahum.com/

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