Overnight cruise in Halong Bay


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Halong Bay is probably one of the most famous destinations
among tourists in Northern Vietnam. This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to thousands of limestone karsts and isles in various
sizes and shapes. According to a local legend, Halong Bay was created when gods
sent a family of dragons to protect the Vietnamese. These dragons spewed out
jewels which later on became the karsts, islets and islands scattered all over
the bay to form a protective barrier.

Legend aside, Halong Bay attracts hordes of tourists from

all over the world to marvel at this magnificent natural beauty. Day trips,
overnight tours and multi day cruises can easily be arranged in Hanoi. Prices
vary depending on the length of tour, inclusion of various services such as
meals, junk boat accommodation and hotel accommodation in some islands. I took
an overnight tour which I booked at one of the travel agencies in Hanoi and
thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Tours include free pick up to and from your hotel in Hanoi

and the transportation to Halong City where the junk boats are waiting for

The cruise usually starts at around noon. Lunch is
serve on board while you enjoy the amazing view. You'll get to see the amazing
karsts with different formations, some of these include Mat Quiislet, Buy Moc
islet and Cap de islet.

One of the stops in the cruise is a trip to Thien Cung

grotto which is said to be one of the most beautiful grottos in the area. There
are quite a handful of caves and grottos that can be found in Halong Bay and various
tours might go to different places.

Another stop in the cruise is a tour to a floating fishing
village where you'll get to see and observe the life of locals living here.
You'll also get a chance to kayak around the area on your own or with a

If weather permits and if it isn't too cold, swimming may be

allowed as well in some areas.

Optional stops and additional tours are available for those seeking even more, for an additional cost.

Some tourists opt to stay longer in some of the islands such
as Cat Ba. A cruise to Halong Bay is definitely one of the highlights of my
trip in Southeast Asia.

Here are some tips if you're planning to take a Halong Bay

1. Book in


Book your tour once you get in Hanoi as online price catering to
overseas customers tend to be expensive.

2. Shop around first

Check out the prices of various travel agencies before you
decide to book. Some travel agencies tend to charge more for the same


3. Ask for
the inclusion

Don't forget to ask for whatever is included in the price that
you're gonna pay. Some tours don't include drinks while others do. Some packages
include the kayak and some don't. So you better have a good discussion so
you'll know what to expect.

4. Bring a dry pack

If you're carrying some gadgets or items that you don't want to get

wet, I suggest you bring a dry pack or any waterproof bag.

5. Leave
your luggage behind

If you're intending to go back to Hanoi after your Halong Bay
cruise, you might opt to leave your luggage behind to your hostel and just
carry your valuables with you so you would have the comfort and convenience of
just carrying a small day pack.