Travel solo as a man


By Faz Abdul Gaffa for Yahoo! Travel

Yes, men have less precautions to take when traveling alone compared to women, but after you've booked your ticket to Prague for the summer, just read this and keep it handy.

Keep gadgets to a minimum

If you have a great trip planned seeing the sights and making new friends, your use of electronics should be kept to a minimum. They add more weight and make you a target for muggings if you outrightly display them.

Protect yourself from pickpockets

Wear pants with a zipped pocket at the front for keeping valuables. It's not as good as a money belt but it's way better than any other pocket. It will reduce the chances of having your wallet stolen.

Stay in control

Whether it's foreign booze or foreign women, make sure you're still in control of the situation, whatever situation you're in. You don't want to end up lost, broke, or worse. Let's just say you're on the set of the third Hangover movie.

Take a risk, but don't push it.

Sure, cliff diving is heaps of fun, and so is picking up kitesurfing. But if you've never ridden a motorbike before, Thailand isn't exactly the best place to learn.

Keep in touch with home

Leave your itinerary with someone at home, along with the numbers of each place you're staying at. It's okay if your plans are sketchy, but if there are any big changes, you might want to e-mail the new information to your "in case of emergency" person back home.