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  • Will SIM card registration help curb terrorism?

    The January 25 bus blast that left five people dead prompted some lawmakers to revive calls for a mandatory SIM card registration nationwide. According to initial investigations, a mobile phone was used to detonate the bomb inside the passenger bus.

    Congressmen Rufus and Maximo Rodriguez filed a bill to regulate the distribution and sale of SIM cards, while Senator Vicente "Tito" Sotto III called on the telecom companies to register SIM cards.

    The proposal drew mixed reactions from the Yahoo! Philippines Answers community, considering the number of existing mobile phone subscribers in the country as well as overseas Filipinos who are also maintaining local SIM cards.

    User Nier feels that registering a SIM card will not stop people from carrying out a crime and that lawmakers should focus more on improving the government's law enforcement capability.

    Jess B., who is also against the proposal, argued that this could lead to more cases of mobile phone theft.

    "What if it's your cellphone

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  • Community divided over PNoy’s Porsche purchase

    By Janie Octia, Yahoo! Southeast Asia

    News of President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III's recent car purchase has put him on the hot seat again.

    The 50-year-old bachelor president, according to Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda, bought the thirdhand 2007 Porsche for P4.5 million using his personal funds from the sale of another asset.

    While the administration emphasized the president's right to use his own funds for personal purchases, some believe that this move might send the wrong message.

    In a question posted on Yahoo! Philippines Answers, some users criticized Aquino's move.

    User Maxwell said that even if Aquino used his personal funds to buy the car, as the president, he should have been more sensitive to the plight of the people.

    "It's nobody's business if he were a private individual but as President, he is the example everybody should follow. What example did he set by buying another car that he doesn't really need?" added Maxwell.

    User Gene thought that Aquino's purchase is

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  • A peek at Toni’s life

    By Janie Octia, Yahoo! Southeast Asia

    From her simple beginnings  in local sitcoms to being Philippine showbiz's "Queen of Romantic Comedies," Toni Gonzaga has definitely come a long way.

    But while she makes it appear—whether she's singing, acting or hosting—that everything is smooth sailing, it's definitely not.

    The actress gives Yahoo! Southeast Asia an exclusive peek into her life, from doing hosting chores at "The Buzz," taping an episode of the musical variety show "ASAP XV" to recording the soundtrack of her latest movie "My Amnesia Girl.

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  • KC Concepcion answers your questions

    By Janie Octia, Yahoo! Southeast Asia

    Remember when we asked you to share that one burning question you've always wanted to ask KC Concepcion?

    The multi-talented artist took time to sit down with Yahoo! Southeast Asia and answered a few questions from your submissions.

    Watch this video and find out if KC answered your question.

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