A new way to discover news on Yahoo!

Jeffrey Oon

In the era of social, we no longer find news. News finds us. This is the trend that’s fundamentally changed the way we discover news.
At Yahoo!, we are now taking this concept to a different level and have re-imagined different ways to discover and share news. More than ever, stories are shared more by your friends and contacts through social networks. This is how big stories can so quickly turn viral.
Now, if you read stories on Yahoo!, you have the choice to let your Facebook friends know what you're reading. This is not forced upon you  -- it's an “opt-in” and you have 100% control of what stories you share and when you share them.  You can even delete what you've shared. It's that easy.
Or, you can opt to share your own reads automatically. And that’s when the fun begins.
A snapshot of interesting reads

What this new feature gives you is a snapshot of what your friends have been reading. Once you opt-in, a “Facebar” – a collection of your friends’ Facebook profiles -- appears at the top of each Yahoo! news story. When you mouse over their profiles, it lets you automatically discover what they’ve been reading on Yahoo!, making it easier to instantly connect and have conversations about relevant stories.

Because it's likely you share an interest or two with your friend, family, former schoolmate or colleague, you're probably going to want to click on one or more of the stories they’ve just checked out.
This is part of the Yahoo! social strategy to make discovering news social and personal.

Try it out and let the conversations begin.

Jeffrey Oon

Country editor