A call for nominees

On June 12, we celebrate our Independence Day. We remember the day when we finally gained our freedom from the colonial rule of Spain. We celebrate this day by flying the Philippine colors, followed by celebrations in various key locations, including Kawit, Cavite where General Emilio Aguinaldo unfurled the flag and read the Declaration of Independence.

Each year, we recall the struggles of many Filipinos more than a century ago. They fought so their voices would be heard. They risked their lives for freedom. They went up against colonizers who had far superior weapons. They won despite very crude weapons. Their will kept them going.

As we prepare to mark that red-letter day, we at Yahoo! Philippines aim to inspire with an initiative that will recognize seven modern-day Filipino heroes.

These heroes should embody the Yahoo! values of being human, inventive, relevant, and, of course, fun.

These extraordinary individuals should have made a significant and continuing impact on the Philippine society, serving as a local role model to their own communities. They should also be influential—even if their efforts have not gotten any publicity.

These seven Filipinos will make up our "Pitong Pinoy" (Seven Filipinos) who will first be identified by you, the Yahoo! community, and then culled by the Yahoo! Philippines jury.

Thus, this is an official call for nomination for these modern-day heroes. To qualify, they should be living Filipinos nominated by a community or individuals.

When you nominate a person, please provide a brief explanation (not more than 200 words) of his or her accomplishments and why you are nominating him or her. The explanation can include links and photos of the individual, along with contact information of the nominee and those submitting nominations. Please email your nominations to ypitongpinoy@yahoo.com.ph.

The top seven nominees will be announced on June 12, 2011 or on Independence Day on Yahoo! Philippines' website. (ph.yahoo.com).

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Erwin Oliva
Country Editor for the Philippines
Yahoo! Southeast Asia