Care to join a different kind of ‘rock’ group?

Faye Valencia
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By KC Santos,
For Yahoo! Southeast Asia

QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA — For these artists, the art of balancing stones can be an effective way to encourage people to protect nature.

Leandro Inocencio and Ildefonso Vista established Rock Balancing Philippines last year to introduce this art form. Rock balancing involves stacking stones of varying shapes and sizes using only one's hands.

From its ancient roots, sculptors like Bill Dan and Andy Goldsworthy transformed rock balancing into an art.

"Like rock balancing nothing is permanent in this world so why worry? Just give everything you've got with what you can make do with what's around," said Ildefonso, a landscaping artist.

Leandro first started rock balancing as a hobby and later saw its potential to bring people closer to nature. "We show people how it's done so that they get interested and get a feel of what it's like to be connected to nature," he explained.

Through "Journey for the Trees," a tree planting project that they initiated, Leandro and Ildefonso was able to introduce rock balancing to more people.

With partnerships with youth leaders, the two artists aim to bring rock balancing closer to people in both rural and urban communities

Rock balancing is a form of mental exercise. On an average, a simple stack of rocks takes only three minutes to finish. A more complicated design may take 15 minutes.

"Doubt is what fuels the mind to focus. Rock balancing is similar to chess. One must focus on the choice of rock to use and where to place it," said Ildefonso.

Leandro, meanwhile, says rock balancing is best enjoyed when done with a group.

"As long as we initiated something and we focus on our goals, nothing really is impossible," he said.

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