Globe launches awards for social media

The Globe Tatt Awards Council of Judges (left to right) Globe's Dong Ronquillo, Gang Badoy, Rico Mossesgeld and Kring Elanzano.

Not all blogs are created equal. Only a select few are insightful, witty and thought-provoking. There are blogs who give you entertaining and in-depth features while some go for cheap gimmicks and rumors.

So, in this already muddled world of social media, how do you pick the best?

Enter Globe's Tatt Awards.

The telecom company is giving out recognition for bloggers who use social media to make a difference.

Globe Tattoo Head of Nomadic Broadband Business Dong Ronquillo said, "We would like to thank and recognize people who make social media relevant by [giving them awards]. These are people who makes use of the net in a very relevant and impactful way."

Categories for the Tatt awards include: The Advocate, Video Slinger, Thought-Mover, The Artiste, Word Slayer, Indie Rocker, Stylisimo, Ballbreaker, Tech Junkie and The One.

Though nominations are public, online votes will only comprise 10 percent of the total score. Twenty percent will come from online popularity and 70 percent will come from the judges.

The judges for the Globe Tatt Awards are former ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs  Head Maria Ressa, Rock Ed Philippines' Gang Badoy, Cecile Zamora-Van Straten of, tech blogger Rico Mossesgeld, video director Kring Elanzano, DJ Chico Garcia and Globe's Dong Ronquillo.

"They came from different categories which has individual thinking. So by actually having a full representation of the judges, we feel that it lends credibility to the awards itself," explained Ronquillo.

For some netizens who may still worry that this will be a game of "who's got the most likes or friends," Ronquillo said the awards are still for bloggers "who are marked for greatness."

He added, "It's not about statistics. It's not about how popular you are. It's about the impact."

To nominate in the Globe Tatt awards, visit