Meet an honest person

The Inbox

By Ellen Tordesillas

I finally met the guy who found my cell phone and turned it over the Customer Service of Southmall. He is truly admirable.

Jason Miranda, 25, a janitor employed with  All Around Services and  Merchandising Corporation, services provider to companies, is assigned at Southmall in Las Pinas.

He said he found my cell phone on the floor near Counter 20 in the Supermarket. It must have fallen off my bag when I stooped to pick up the grocery paper bag that I dropped. I thought I was a victim of a pickpocket much more so because I returned to Counter 20 when I discovered that my phone was gone and the cashier said no phone was left there.

This happened about 3 pm of Dec. 19.

Jason said he immediately turned over my cellphone to the Customer Service of  Southmall Supermarket.  A lady called me up Friday morning, Dec. 21, to inform me that they have my cell phone. She said they looked at my phone directory and found my residential landline.  She also said someone attempted to claim the phone but couldn’t give the number when they asked him.  It just shows  that as there are good people like Jason, there are also bad elements quick to seize opportunities to profit from the misfortune of others.

When I claimed my phone, Jason had already left for home . When I returned Saturday, it was his day-off.

Finally last Wednesday we were able to meet. We talked for a while and I learned that his contract with All Around Services is only up to Dec. 31, 2012. He is worried that his services may not be renewed because he had been tardy a number of times.

I asked him the reason for his tardiness which, I told him, is a bad working habit. He said he lives in Taguig and there are a lot of things that he had to attend to. But he said, if he is given a chance to continue working, he will not be late any more. ““Ipinapangako ko po hindi na ako mali-late.”

“Medyo malayo po ang bahay pero masaya po ako sa work ko (I live far from work but I’m happy with my work.)” he said.

I volunteered to talk to the Human Resource manager of All Around, Che Pesigan, who explained that like all other contractual workers, Jason’s services are for a certain period. But it may be renewed. MAY.

Pesigan said   they stress the importance of honesty to all their employees and they are glad that Jason practiced it.

Jason said they are eight brothers and sisters and he is a co-breadwinner in the family with his father. He is single. “Gusto ko muna tumulong sa mga magulang ko at mga kapatid (I want to help my parents and my brothers and sisters.),” he said. He said he is sending a pamangkin  (niece/nephew) to school.

What Jason did proves that poverty is not an excuse to be dishonest. What he did re-affirms one’s faith in the goodness of man.


Another nice aside to this story: before I got my cell phone back, a friend, upon learning that I lost my Blackberry, gave me one. I’m keeping it as a spare. Thank you very much.


Everyone I have told that my lost cell phone was returned said it’s a “miracle” these days when incidents of theft are common occurrences.

Edna Ledesma shared her experience with pickpockets in Southmall:

“I came across your article through someone’s post in Facebook. I just want to let you know how lucky you are to have gotten your cellphone back, because I had 2 unfortunate experiences at SM Southmall.

“Sometime last year, I went to Southmall with my granddaughter. After opening my bag for the security check at the entrance, we rode the escalator to the third floor. We went to Toy Kingdom to look around, and then proceeded to the Food Court to buy some French fries. When I reached into my bag for my wallet, it was not there! That was only about 15 to 20 minutes since we arrived at the mall, and the only places we had been to were the security check, the escalator, and Toy Kingdom. I decided to go home right away, and check if I left my wallet at home. Unfortunately, it was not there.  So I started calling the banks and credit card companies where I had accounts with to inform them that the cards were lost. I also called the security of Southmall to check if anyone had returned the wallet. I was hoping that whoever it was who got it would leave the cards and IDs and just get the cash. However, I got a negative answer. So I had to get a new driver’s license, SSS ID, senior citizen’s card, credit cards (at P400 each!) and ATM cards. What a hassle!

“Then early this year, I was at the Ladies Shoes department of SM Southmall when someone sent me a message on my cellphone. So I took it out of my bag to read the message. After reading it, I put back the cellphone in my bag, and went around looking at the shoe displays. About  ten  minutes later, I checked my bag to get my cellphone, and surprise – it had disappeared! I didn’t bother to report the loss to the SM Security.

“So you see, after these two experiences, I really think you are soooooo lucky!”