Pitong Pinoy Profiles: Jay Jaboneta

Thea Alberto-Masakayan
The Inbox

Who would ever think that a simple status message can forever change a community?

That's exactly what happened when online-savvy Jay Jaboneta posted as a Facebook status message the ordeal of hundreds of students in Zamboanga who were forced to cross the river every single day just to be able to get to school.

Through his simple status update, Jaboneta raised funds more than enough for a single boat that would safely transport children to their schools.

Jaboneta's initiative also awakened the bayanihan spirit in the sleepy town of Layug-Layug as people worked on the boats from scratch.

Now, Jaboneta's simple status message has turned into a widespread advocacy and is starting to reach other parts of the country.

Jaboneta has proven that someone who's really willing to help need not launch a huge campaign: all it took him was a single, heartfelt Facebook update.