Pitong Pinoy Profiles: Jean Enriquez

The Inbox

Jean Enriquez fights for the victims of human trafficking. "Since I was 13, I've been a human rights activist," she revealed.

According to Enriquez, there are so many areas in the Philippines where human trafficking happens. She notes that they found a significant number of cases in Western and Southern Mindanao. She said, "It's a very profound problem."

Enriquez currently heads the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women — Asia Pacific. Jean Enriquez says that the group is a worldwide organization that "fights all kinds of sexual abuse on women from rape, to pornography, to trafficking (and) to prostitution."

Jean said the group also lobbies for the government to change laws for the protection of women.

As for the victims of human trafficking, Enriquez hopes that they will find their "voice" and that they find it in themselves to recover from their horrible experience.