Pitong Pinoy Profiles: Tzarina Saniel

Thea Alberto-Masakayan
The Inbox

In an era where an e-book is a click away and when the internet has almost unlimited content, Tzarina Saniel sticks to the old. And we mean, old.

Saniel not only collects books and advocates reading—she has taken the initiative to collect old manuscripts as her way of safeguarding Filipino literary treasures.

She believes that in the old books' glorious pages, Filipinos will realize their roots and this will eventually lead them to become better Pinoys.

"Unless we learn from history we will never be able to move on," Saniel said.

A teacher by profession, Saniel also helps curb the mind of a generation apparently bereft of appreciation for history.

Her love for Philippine history and her passion to keep the lessons of the past alive in today's generation definitely makes her deserving of being a modern-day Pinoy hero.