‘Your time is limited’: Paying tribute to Steve Jobs

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The phrase "end of an era" is often overused, but today, it perfectly captures the shock and sadness of of learning that an icon and genius has passed away at age 56.

Steve Jobs is dead.

It's still hard to believe.

Like many Pinoy netizens, I found out about the shocking news first on Twitter, and as you might expect RIP Steve Jobs is currently the number one Trending Topic. People have also been tweeting that he is now in iHeaven, which explains why this is also one of the top Trending Topics.

Apple's homepage now shows its legendary co-founder's photo, linking to this page where the company is encouraging people to share their thoughts , memories and condolences torememberingsteve@apple.com

It's a testament to his genius that the death of Steve Jobs transcends the world of technology. He made technology cool, and allowed people from all over the world to accept and embrace it as part of their lives. It was OK to be geeks, and the geeks and the cool kids could be one and the same.

On the Yahoo! Philippines Twitter account @yahooph, we asked Yahoo! Philippines readers to share their thoughts about his life and death.

"RIP Steve Jobs: thanks for the technology we have today and beyond. The Techno Saint of All Time," @misskrishii tweeted.

"Steve Jobs you have connected a lot of people. Thank you!," said wandrada.

"bt u can RIP knowin dat u left this wrld a btr place 4 ur havin been here. n dat's d mst ANYONE cn hope 4," said @djpgarcia

"RIP Steve Jobs...The world will always remember how great [a] genius and innovator you are... :-(" tweeted ojicko

Readers also shared their messages on the Yahoo! Philippines Facebook Page:

"rest in peace...you've done a great job, STEVE JOBS!!!," said Doc Merle.
"Steve Jobs is innovation. Thank you, Sir," said Peej Dee.

"Thanks for introducing iPhone and am still using it & posting this now. Goodbye & rip Steve! Rudy Estipona Escoto.

With all the success Jobs has enjoyed, it may be hard to remember that he had to overcome different challenges and outright failures that would have defeated a lesser man. Jobs was a dreamer, and he proved to the whole world that, yes, if you believe in something passionately and work hard to achieve it, your dream can come true. Even if you have to fail before you get there.

As we mourn his untimely death at age 56, it is worth remembering the inspiring words he shared in his famous Stanford commencement address in 2005.

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."

RIP Steve Jobs, and thanks for everything. You will truly be missed.