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No, you did not click wrong! You've just landed on the Yahoo! Philippines website that has been running since 2007.

Yes, we've been around for quite a while. In 2010, we did Purple Thumb, an election site that focused on the presidential election. We have also been publishing news on Philippine politics and business, disasters and crime, and inspiring stories of modern-day heroes, apart from world news.

We've also brought OMG! to the Philippines to meet your entertainment needs. We covered celebrity breaks-ups and weddings, movie launches, local and headline concerts, and scandals. We provided video and photo exclusives.

Recently, we launched Yahoo! SHE, the ultimate online resource for women (and men too!) to find real answers on issues ranging from fashion to beauty, health and wellness, relationships, parenting, career and money, and of course, home and organizing.

We're also doing more unique sports coverage. We've rubbed elbows with THE People's Champ in Ringside with Manny, while delivering blow-by-blow account of his fights since 2009. We followed closely the college basketball games through our College Hoops every year, and broke news on the winning cheer-dancing team.

Every year, we also give you a glimpse of the glam in the annual OMG! Awards, championed little-known modern-day heroes in the yearly Pitong Pinoy Awards, and organized one of the biggest rock concerts in the Philippines under the Yahoo! Rocks banner.

And the best part? You can share your thoughts and comments in Yahoo! Philippines and we include the best comments in our stories to generate more conversation.

Every day, Yahoo! Philippines works hard to bring you all the relevant and compelling Filipino and international content to feed your online appetite for information. Soon, we'll be bringing you more travel news, local and international sports updates--including the London Olympics, and some food reviews, too!

Sounds fun? Then it's time explore the site, comment away and find more friends! Have a blast and welcome to your Yahoo!

Yours truly,

Erwin Oliva
Country Editor
Yahoo! Philippines