Forgot your laptop? No worries!

The Protégé Project

Nokia E7 allows you to work with maximum efficiency by performing practically everything, in and out of the office.

Going on a business trip? Here are five great reasons you can leave your laptop behind and just bring along a Nokia E7:

1. MFE (business email) — Start your day eating breakfast while skimming through mails and responding to those needing quick action. Nokia E7 allows you to discuss business-related matters with your colleagues or clients using Mail for Exchange, a solution that enables direct and secure access to emails within your corporate circle with a few easy clicks on your phone.

2. USB on-the-go — After a business presentation, you can easily share files simply by connecting a memory stick on the Nokia E7 via the USB-On-The-Go cable. Now, with this revolutionary capability, you won't need to use a PC to first transfer the file to a memory stick or send it via email. Because even top executives need to chill, you can watch movies saved on your USB-directly on your smartphone screen.

3. Ovi Store — During your free time or while on the road, the Nokia E7 is a perfect off-duty companion. Get news updates by watching CNN through WebTV or scrolling down news feeds using the BBC widget. Better yet, be entertained with fun games like Angry Birds and the highly popular World Tong-its that you can download from the Ovi Store.

4. Social Networking — You can also stay connected with family and friends through different social networking sites. Share your thoughts about your recent encounters on Facebook and Twitter, via Ovi Social app. You can also upload photos and tag them, too.

5. High Definition — Finally, keep a record of your whole experience on a foreign land, and later share it with your family and colleagues using the Nokia E7.  Its 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash lets you capture your moments of success in high-resolution photos and HD videos.

Truly, when you are on the road, Nokia E7 is definitely a great alternative to your trusted laptop.