Reader Recipe: Ginataan ‘SKL’

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Here's a recipe of a classic Pinoy favorite from reader Yumi:

Why she shared this recipe: "This is a pinoy merienda — Ginataang SKL: Saging (banana), Kamote (sweet potato) and Langka (jackfruit). This recipe reminds me of the simple way of life in a province. Foods come easy and inexpensive… Fruits and vegetables always come fresh…

"Whenever our family would gather during weekends we would ask our kasambahay to prepare us a ginataan. The ingredients are readily available in our backyard, and we would sit in a long table and wait for the food to be served. As our stomachs filled up with this simple merienda, we would share different amazing and funny stories.  These are all memories because some of my loved ones whom I used to share this simple merienda have united with our Creator already."

5 pieces banana (saba)
2 pieces medium-sized camote
3 mugs of kakang gata (first pressing of fresh coconut milk)
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup red tapioca
1 tsp of vanilla

"Cut all the ingredients (saging, kamote and langka) in serving pieces (cubes are my suggestion). Bring to boil 3 mugs of kakang gata. Then put half cup sugar, saging and kamote. Pag okey na, add the langka, simmer for 5-10 minutes. Add a teaspoon of vanilla syrup. Then put a cup of red tapioca (sago) for added aesthetic chuva! Enjoy your merienda."

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