Where is the best Halo-Halo in Metro Manila?

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Nothing captures the taste of summer in the Philippines like halo-halo.

This delectable concoction of shaved ice placed over a bed of sweet beans, sago, kaong, macapuno, langka, nata de coco, garbanzos and banana. Pour some milk, top with a slice of leche flan, or a scoop of ice cream, or ube... Whoa, talk about sweet refreshment!

Photographed by Jason Domantay

Halo-halo is the perfect antidote against the summer heat. This classic Filipino treat is available in all corners of the country, from restaurants to streetside food stands. So where is the best one in Metro Manila?

I had the arduous and painstaking task of trying the halo-halo served at some of the most notable and popular restaurants in Metro Manila: Razons of Guagua, The Peninsula Manila and a nearby Chow King. Which one is your favorite? Take a look at the video and tell us where you love Halo-Halo the best.