Ride the waves in Baler

Travel Bucket List

Story and photos by Jamille Jean Domingo

If you’re hungry for breathtaking adventures, I’m sure you’ve thought about adding surfing in your bucket list. Who could blame you? The activity makes water become appreciated more, and waves are not so much feared anymore but chased.

How about trekking to a pristine waterfalls? Too stressful? But how can you pride yourself for having undergone extreme quests if you don’t even want to try them? Or maybe you think trekking too boring to include in your bucket list.

Well, how about surfing and trekking to falls, all in one trip? Yep, travelers can multitask—especially in a country blessed with a paradise like Baler in the province of Aurora. The bonus? It’s only a few hours from the metro.

Aurora, which was recently popularized in a period film, boasts of one of the beaches perfect for surfing, the famous Sabang beach, and waterfalls that would make you fall in love with the Philippines’ beauty, the faultless Ditumabo Mother Falls.

Aside from surfing at Sabang and visiting the Ditumabo Mother Falls, you can go to the Baler church, scale a century-old and 60-foot tall Balete tree, or marvel at the Diguisit rock formation, and recount a historical legend in Ermita Hill.

From Cubao or Pasay, you can hop on a Genesis bus which travels straight to Baler. Fare would cost around P450. From there, tricycles with a standard rate of P12 per trip, will be waiting for you, willing to take you to those marvels of Aurora.

Jamille Jean Domingo, 21, writes for a living.

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