Bulldog survives 500 porcupine spikes in the face

Jeffrey Oon
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Three-year-old bulldog Bella Mae in pain. (Photo: Norman Animal Emergency Center Facebook page)

Mega- OUCH!

A three-year-old bulldog in the US is capturing the hearts of pet lovers the world 0ver after his hairy encounter with a porcupine.

The result of the prickly encounter? 500 spikes in the face.

The dog called Bella Mae was treated by the Norman Animal Emergency Centre, who put up his photo, which has since gone viral, on their Facebook page.

Vets at the centre removed the spikes, which measured several centimetres,  that were embedded in Bella Mae's face and paws after the attack, which took place in a town called Blanchard in Oklahoma.

He was subsequently kept on medication and under close supervision for a week before being home last Thursday.

Porcupines are generally herbivores and eat leaves, herbs, twigs and green plants but their quills or spines can be released upon contact.

Watch how Bella Mae was treated.