BMW preps i4 EV for safety car duty at MotoE World Cup

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BMW's M division has turned the recently-unveiled i4 into its first electric safety car. The battery-powered sedan will lead the field at the Motorcycle Grand Prix of Austria's MotoE World Cup taking place in August 2021.

Designed to take the torch from an i8, the i4 won't go unnoticed during the event thanks to a specific black paint job with bright green accents. M's historic colors appear on the front splitter, on both sides, and on the rear diffuser, and BMW added a light bar to ensure no one misses the car. Several decals add a finishing touch to the look.

Switching from the i8 to the i4 makes sense considering MotoE is only open to electric motorcycles; the former was a plug-in hybrid and the latter is fully electric. It doesn't sound like BMW made any modifications to the drivetrain, meaning the i4 safety car is powered by a pair of electric motors that draw electricity from an 81.5-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack to develop 536 horsepower and 586 pound-feet of torque. The person who gets to drive the safety car will get the chance to test the Sport Boost function, which injects 67 more horses and 48 extra pound-feet into the driveline for 10-second bursts. BMW quotes a brisk 3.9-second sprint from zero to 60 mph, so the i4 is a few tenths of a second quicker than the i8 it replaces, and has about 245 miles of driving range.

Fans of two- and four-wheeled EVs will get the opportunity to check out the BMW i4 M50 safety car in person on August 15. This year's World Cup is scheduled to take place on the Red Bull Ring in Austria. It will be the first time the sedan is shown to the public, and its next outing will likely be at the 2021 edition of the Munich auto show.

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