BMW X3 and X4 get access to BMW Individual customization

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BMW Blog reveals the BMW Individual customization program has trickled down to most trims of the X3 and X4 crossovers, and BMW has created a special web site to let creative configurators get the full effect. The two-wheel-drive X3 and X4 are still left out, but the xDrive 30i, M Sport, and M40 trims are in the club. The compact crossovers don't get the range of options available on the X5, X6, and X7 — spend more, get more, natch — but the added Individual paint and interior choices can make the X3 and X4 stand out like never before. The final note is that models with special paints cannot also have BMW's Lane Change Assistant; seems potential reflections and diffractions of light can flummox the driver assistance system.

The eight new Individual paint colors are: Frozen Black Metallic, Frozen Deep Grey Metallic, Frozen Marina Bay Blue, Grigio Teleto Pearl, Ruby Red, Malachite Green, Nardo Grey, and Urban Green. The extra interior options are extended leather in Merino Tartufo and black and another in Merino Fiona Red and black.

It's necessary to visit the dedicated BMW visualizer site to see how the flashier designs look on a chosen vehicle. For instance, the BMW USA configurator offers two non-metallic and 7 metallic paints for the base X3 xDrive 30i, whereas the visualizer site offers 10 metallic colors, 4 Uni colors, and 3 Frozen colors. The Merino interior choices don't show up on the configurator, either.

One thing the visualizer doesn't show is pricing — the special colors for the X3 and X4 cost $4,500 apiece.

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