Board calls on barangays to enforce use of bike lanes

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THE Sugbo Bike Lanes Board (SBLB) urged barangays in Cebu City to help enforce and increase public awareness on the use of the city’s bike lanes.

“The lack of public awareness on the guidelines and utilization of the bike lanes has led to vehicles parking on them for long periods, creating road blockages for bikers,” said SBLB in a press statement.

This recommendation is part of the initial findings of the board after the first phase of the creation of bike lanes in Cebu City was launched last year.

Mobility lane

SBLB is looking into the possibility of modifying bike lanes into a mobility lane, wherein all forms of small and non-motorized travel modes of travel can be accommodated.

According to the Roadmap Study for Sustainable Urban Development in Metro Cebu released in 2015, motorcycles and private cars occupy 60 percent of the road and 54 percent of commuters use jeepneys and buses to travel within the city.

The study also said that while public vehicles carry the most passengers, they occupy a smaller portion of the road.

“Most, if not all, users of the bike lanes, use it for commute going to work or commute to purchase essential goods,” said SBLB.

The board also said that bikers are not the only ones using the bike lanes. Other forms of non-motorized or space-efficient modes of travel, such as E-bikes and E-scooters, have also been seen to use the lane. (RSR)