Service Boat That Detached From Dutch Cargo Drifts in Norwegian Sea

A service boat on a Dutch cargo ship that was at risk of sinking in the Norwegian sea has detached from the deck and was adrift a few nautical miles away, according to a report from the Norwegian Coastal Administration on April 6.

The cargo ship, Eemslift Hendrika, sent out an emergency message on Monday, when it was about 60 nautical miles west of Ålesund. All 12 crew members were evacuated amid fears the ship could capsize and sink.

This footage from the Norwegian Coastal Administration on April 7 shows an unmanned service boat adrift in the Norwegian sea. Footage previously released by the NCA shows the service boat secure atop the cargo ship’s deck. The NCA said that the detachment caused the ship to stabilize.

The NCA reported that the cargo ship had been boarded by a salvage crew and was being towed towards Ålesund on April 8. Credit: Norwegian Coastal Administration via Storyful