Bodies stored in 'abandoned building'

AN ABANDONED building is being used as a storage area for cadavers by three funeral parlors in Cebu City, Councilor Dave Tumulak said in a radio interview.

Tumulak said somebody tipped him of an unusual presence of bodies in an abandoned building in Barangay Mambaling on Sunday, August 17, 2021.

He said he immediately coordinated with the Mambaling Police Station to check on the reported building.

Upon arrival in the area, Tumulak said he saw vehicles from three funeral parlors unloading bodies.

Initial investigation revealed that 85 bodies were in the building at the time of inspection.

Tumulak said three funeral parlors were called for a meeting on Tuesday, August 17, 2021.

Cebu City Health Acting Chief Jeffrey Ibones said they will still check if the storage of bodies is legal or not.

It was not known whether all the bodies in the area were Covid-19 patients or not.

Data from the Department of Health showed that Cebu City recorded 112 deaths in the last 15 days of August. (MVG)

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