Bogo police obtain pieces of evidence from suspects in student’s killing

PERSONNEL of Bogo City Police Station have already obtained possible pieces of evidence that would shed light on the killing of 15-year-old female student in Bogo City in northern Cebu.

Victim Jeanelle Maekylla Royos’ naked body was found in the bushes in Purok Magenta, Barangay Gairan in Bogo around 3 p.m. Sunday, November 13, 2022.

Royos had stab wounds in her legs and arms, as well as in both sides of her neck.

Royos was reported missing by her family on Saturday after she failed to come home from a birthday party in the neighboring town of Medellin. The birthday party was held Friday night.

According to Police Lieutenant Colonel Florendo Fajardo, chief of the Bogo City Police Station, they have summoned two persons of interest (POIs) -- a man and a woman -- and they have obtained pieces of evidence that they can use in filing a case.

He said they took a pillow with blood on it from one of the suspects and this will be submitted to the PNP Regional Forensic Unit 7 of the Philippine National Police for a DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) examination.

The second suspect turned out to be making alibis when asked where she was when Royos went missing.

But when her cell phone was checked, it was found out that she was chatting with the victim late at night.

Fajardo, however, has not divulged yet the real motive in the crime pending their ongoing investigation, but he clarified that both the victim and the POIs are neighbors. (AYB, TPT)