Book boyfriends that you need in your life

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Men in real life can be incredibly disappointing, but that is why book boyfriends are here to fill in the void.

“Book boyfriend” is a relatively new term that is self-explanatory, but it is notably used for readers who love sharing and expressing their love for male characters in the book that they are reading. Book boyfriends are practically what you would call “imaginary” and they might be too good to be true, but one can hope that someone out there can be as loving and understanding as these fictional males.

With the rise of social media, book worms and romance lovers can connect with other readers who might fancy the same book boyfriend that they are currently in love with (yes, “currently” because you can have more than one and change them from time to time). There are a million devilishly handsome fictional male characters that one can swoon over, and here are some of the few that you need to know and have in your life:


“Dark hair” and “midnight black eyes” is a description that can get anyone into their knees no matter how repetitive it has become. Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court, is one of those characters described but it is unconditional love for Feyra that melts everyone’s hearts into a puddle. From the trilogy “A Court of Thorns and Roses,” Rhysand is a character that one will initially hate but won’t deny that his devilish smirk will be heavily ingrained in your head.

Willing to make the sacrifices necessary to protect the people that he holds dear to his heart and the people that he is ruling over, Rhysand is the ultimate book boyfriend that you need to have ASAP.

Casteel De Neer

Nothing beats the angst, love and passion that the enemies to lover’s trope have in store for its readers. However, the “Blood and Ash” series is on a whole other level of angst and passion and that is thanks to the infuriating but raven-haired and sinfully handsome, Casteel De Neer. The appeal these kinds of characters have is based on how excruciatingly they can be infuriating to their love interests but that all goes poof once they soften their gaze towards each other. A prince and an incredible lover, Casteel is one to get you screaming, crying, and squealing, all at the same time.

Prince Maxon

“The Selection” book series is rumored to be coming on TV very soon, but if you want to be ahead of the game, get ready to go over the moon with Prince Maxon. If the “Hunger Games” were a bit like “The Bachelorette,” this series pretty much sums up all that. America Singer is in a competition with 35 girls, trying to win Prince Maxon’s heart. The prince was eyeing potential candidates but couldn’t keep his eyes away from a certain who isn’t afraid to speak up against the king and the cruel “caste” system. Sweet, caring and beyond anything that readers could hope for, Prince Maxon is a hard one to miss!

On paper, anything can be beautiful and better than reality and these book boyfriends are there to fill in the void. Get your hearts ready and get reading right now!