Book in South Korea about Filipino women slammed for racist remarks

Book retailers in South Korea have ceased selling an “obscene and racist” e-book about Filipino women, as reported by the Korea Times.

The e-book How to Treat Bar Hostesses in the Philippines by an author identified as “Kevin Cho” was the subject of major backlash after a tweet about it posted earlier this month started to gain traction, the same report stated.

The retaliation against the e-book was due to content that some described as objectifying towards Filipino women. This objectification goes beyond the crass title and is seen throughout the book’s pages.

In the book, Cho says: “[M]ake the best use of Filipinas, who can give unforgettable memories.”

Sounds like something a creep would say.

“Once you go to the Philippines, you will soon be attracted to nightlife and meet many kinds of women there. Language won’t be a problem. A few words will be enough to communicate with them,” the book also says.

“Even if you are not a womanizer in Korea, you will definitely be one in the Philippines. This is not the case only for Koreans but also Japanese and Americans. The fact that the Korean Wave is sweeping across Asia makes you feel even more proud. While studying English there, women can be either medicine or poison.”

The Korean Wave or Hallyu refers to the growing popularity of South Korean pop culture like K-dramas, K-pop, and even K-beauty products.

Short of saying that Filipino women are only good for making Korean men feel better about themselves, the book says: “They can make you feel confident about your English. But in the worst case, you may end up coming back to Korea after getting a woman pregnant; or you could be arrested for that.”

The book was published by Scene in the Moonlight three years ago, ABS-CBN News reported.

Most online bookstores in South Korea have already stopped selling the e-book.

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