Boomerang: Click a Ride

Karl Aries Emerson F. Cabilao

AS FILIPINOS continue to yearn for the efficient public transportation that has long been recommended to solve traffic problems in cities, any new addition as a convenient transportation option is welcome. With the entry of transportation network vehicle services such as Grab and Angkas, the public was given a great option of reaching their desired destinations without having to go through the hassle of long waits for jeepneys and taxis, especially during rush hour. So, one could just understand the public uproar when the government planned to cut short the pilot run of motorcycle taxis a few weeks ago. Today, readers talk about the benefits these ride-hailing applications offer to them.

“In terms of transportation and self-indulgence, apps like Grab and Angkas are helpful to the community. But when you consider the Urban Planning aspect, Grab and Angkas are not the best modes of transportation—especially in very congested cities. They just add to the congestion. Better forms of public transportation (like buses and trains), that accommodate lots of people at the same time, are preferable, knowing that each minute wasted in traffic is a hassle for all the passengers.” Jan Mark Vargas, 21, architecture student (St. Louis University, Baguio)

“I’ve been using Angkas for a very long time, and their service is satisfactory. Knowing that I got reliable and well-trained drivers makes me not worry about my ride. They’re my everyday heroes in traffic.” Harold Ray Pantinople, 28, businessman

“As a daily commuter amid the hustle and bustle of Cebu City, ride-hailing services have created a huge difference in the society today. Having access to an efficient and faster way of carrying people around cuts travelling hours short and saves time, energy and effort compared to the usual daily commuting vehicles such as jeepneys and buses. This just proves that through innovation, greater mobility, convenience and efficiency at its best possible service is just a click away.” Ralene Lagudas, 26, architect

“Instead of wasting time trying to wait for the perfect spacious jeepney to pass by, I always book rides on Angkas because they travel faster and are also reliable. It’s because of them that I don’t come late to class.” Tim Joshua Garcia, 20, architecture student (USC)