Boomerang: What songs were the soundtrack of your 2019?

Tiffany L. Neri

IF THERE’S one earthly delight almost anyone can connect through, it’s music. Its flowing melodies and beating tempos give expression free reign on every aspect of life. Music can tell a story about how you’re feeling, how you felt, and how you want to feel. From break-ups to mix-ups--there’s a soundtrack for almost anything! This edition of Zup’s Boomerang, we’ve asked people to share what song or songs have struck a chord for them in the year that was 2019.

“Thunder Road -Bruce Springsteen. Whenever this song plays, I always get charged up. It’s a song for people who think they are failures but keep on going anyway. ‘It’s a town full of losers I’m pulling out of here to win,’ the Boss sings. The year 2019 was hard for me as there was a war that happened inside my mind. But hey, now that I survived it, I am optimistic of what is to come in the new decade. ‘We got one last chance to make it real.’” -Joshua Solano, social media specialist

“Wasteland, Baby! By Hozier. Released March 2019. I can’t count the number of times I listened to this album. This was one of my favorites released this year. Check out tracks ‘Movement,’ ‘No Plan’ and ‘Dinner & Diatribes.’ This was the right amount of soul.” - Monica R. Lopez, lifestyle writer

“I’ve been trying to stretch my musical vocabulary, and stuff that really hit me hard were tracks by Lauv and Billie Eilish. The former is more chill and while it’s electronic music, it doesn’t drive the bass down. The latter is the opposite with its devil-may-care production and infectious melodies. So yeah, 2019 was about fun and fresh discoveries.”

- Luis Quibranza III, musician and editor

“2019 has definitely been a roller coaster ride and although 2020 is in a few days, I can definitely say the ride is FAR from over. Perhaps if I could sum up 2019 in a song, it would be The Back Room by Julian Lamadrid feat. Rence. It’s laid back but the lyrics are poetic bullets piercing through me--just like this year and the lessons brought about!”

-Romayne Rivera, content creator

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