BOPK joins campaign vs. Carbon Market development

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THOSE opposing the development of the Carbon Public Market have gained new allies in their campaign.

This after members of the Carbon Alliance, a group that opposed the city market’s ongoing modernization, tied up with the Bando Osmeña Pundok Kauswagan (BOPK), the city’s opposition bloc led by former Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmeña.

The two groups organized a covenant signing at the JSU-PSU Mariners’ Court in downtown Cebu City on Friday, November 19, 2021, to formalize their partnership.

Around 125 people, including Osmeña, his wife and mayoral candidate Margot, and members of their slate were present.

Even Cebu City North District congressional candidate Rachel Marguerite “Cutie” del Mar and South District congressional candidate BG Rodrigo Abellanosa were present.

Incumbent Cebu City South District Rep. Rodrigo “Bebot” Abellanosa was also present at the gathering.

“Our agenda is to make Carbon Public Market remain as a public market,” said Anna Ariosa, who heads the Carbon Alliance.

Ariosa said while she does not oppose the planned modernization of the market, she is against plans to privatize it.

“Yes for innovation and renovation but not to privatization. Because Carbon is for ordinary Cebuanos, for the poor people and for micro entrepreneurs. It gives service to those who really need it to survive day by day. It should not be meant for rich businessmen to monopolize,” Ariosa said.

Ariosa also lamented that majority of the Carbon vendors accepted the modernization project because they received certifications that serve as titles that the vendors could use to secure slots for themselves.

This is not the first time that BOPK candidates joined hands with the Carbon Alliance in its fight against the market’s development.

Earlier this month, BOPK vice mayoral candidate Francisco “Bimbo” Fernandez participated in a manifesto signing organized by the Carbon Alliance, calling to stop the market’s ongoing modernization.

The group called for a simple, clean, orderly, safe and cheap Carbon Public Market that must be funded by the City and not by a private firm.

The joint venture agreement between the Cebu City Government and Megawide Construction Corp. for the market’s development is expected to bring around P80 million yearly to the City’s coffers in annual guarantee fees, and real property and business taxes.

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