Bosses, brave and beautiful: Entrepreneurs on ‘empowerment’

Luis A. Quibranza III
·3 min read

A YEAR has officially passed since the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus pandemic. “The Great Lockdown” that followed sent the global economy tumbling down to lows not seen since The Great Depression of the 1930s.

However, the world is slowly getting back on its feet. Today, and fittingly in celebration of Women’s Month, SunStar LIVE! highlights five entrepreneurs who, in spite of the pandemic, have indeed empowered their lives and the lives of others through their businesses.

“I have always believed that one of my purposes in life is to empower other women and other people around me, especially those I closely work with by being my best self, as a leader and an entrepreneur,” shared Marie Feline David Soria of Let’s Stylize. As the brand name suggests, Feline wishes for ladies to feel good about their own styles without trying to look like someone else.

“It’s true what they say that nothing is more empowering than being empowered by other women,” said Trina Mikaela Go of My Lash Salon.

“Being around those who are strong and successful, those who hustle hard, encourage, and share knowledge—this is what inspires me to be a better version of me.”

“Also, a good pair of brows and lashes always helps you feel good about yourself,” quipped Trina.

“Empowerment comes from within,” shared Mary Rose G. Dakay of Macao Imperial Tea. She walks the talk as an entrepreneur, making sure the best drinks are ready for locals—who are craving for a taste of a little normalcy—over at her milk tea cafe in the mall. “If you believe you can, you probably can.”

After a year of uncertainty in their own lives and businesses, these lady bosses are surely not taking the chance to celebrate this month for granted.

“Women’s Month is a month to celebrate and appreciate women all around the world. There are a lot of strong and independent women, and it’s nice that we get to celebrate the beauty of it every year,” said Beauty Getaway Aesthetics founder Vanessa Elaine Gajudo.

“We dedicate this month to appreciate and celebrate women who have the ability and willingness to be selfless. Hopefully through this gesture, inspiring women deserve to know we value them because most often they don’t realize they have such a great impact on our lives,” shared Raissa Alexandra Ong Oh of DARA Beauty Market.

Whether it’s dropping by quickly for that fashion fix or that refreshing drink or ticking off the boxes on one’s “self-care” list, malls in Cebu City are slowly opening up their services for Cebuanos, in strict compliance with government health and safety protocol. Feline, Trina, Rose, Vanessa and Raissa understand their roles as examples to countless dreamers, the importance of achieving their professional goals, and the great impact that their businesses can make not only for women but for the entire community. These ladies are all-in.

Let’s Stylize, My Lash Salon, Macao Imperial Tea, Beauty Getaway Aesthetics and DARA Beauty Market are all located at AyalaMalls Central Bloc.