Out of the box ideas spell success for Bounty Fresh

Bounty Fresh

The success story of Bounty Fresh Food, Inc. (BFFI) would not have been possible without the vision and commitment of its people. Under the leadership of its president, Tennyson Chen, and with the dedication of the Bounty staff, the vision to serve “Asia’s Best” chicken to Filipinos, was built. “Admittedly, we knew nothing about the chicken business at the start. We had to learn everything from scratch. The challenge in front of us when we started was really daunting, but we were determined to pull it off no matter what,” shares Chen, an Industrial Engineering graduate from the De La Salle University. With its persistent and determined stand, Bounty Fresh Foods faced the challenges head on. Though most local integrators chose to stick to what they thought are tried-and-tested practices, BFFI took a different route. New Capabilities In 2000, the company brought in pioneering technologies and built the first single-stage hatchery to the Philippines. The company also improved sanitation and bio-security protocols within the facility which allowed BFFI to produce chicks that are pathogen-free, healthier and stronger. The company also invested in automated dressing technology. Before, it took them one day to dress 1,000 chickens, now they are able to churn out more than 6,000 chilled chickens per hour. Because of their conviction in producing the best chicken for Filipino families, BFFI was able to pass strict global standard certifications, particularly in terms of Quality Management Systems, Food Safety Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Aside from global certifications, BFFI also established a reputation as the best in the business by being a grand slam winner for Best Meat Establishment (Poultry Dressing Plant “AAA” Category) from 2006 onwards (last held in 2009), as awarded by the National Meat Inspection Service of the Department of Agriculture. But the defining moment for Bounty Fresh Group’s efforts towards quality production was when it won the Asian Livestock Industry Awards in 2009, under the “Emerging Poultry Integrator” category, thus coining the term “Asia’s Best”. Winning the award, given every two years by acknowledged industry experts in the region, further cemented Bounty Fresh’s reputation as one of Asia’s leading poultry integrators, beating out other more established companies from different countries in the region, and bringing pride to the Philippines as well. Bounty Fresh continues to arm itself with a host of new products and product improvements: Bounty’s dressed chicken with the innovative tamper-proof and vacuum-sealed packaging, and being the first to market Free-Range Chicken (Bounty Fresh Pollo Primero), which is naturally grown in free range farms, to name a few. On the drawing board is a next-generation feedmill that will complement its existing one in Tarlac, already considered best in its class, plus an even more advanced hatchery. For further information, visit www.bountyfreshchicken.com and www.facebook.com/bountyfreshchicken.