Boy, 5, shot during play

TWO cousins, both five years old, had no idea the gun they were playing with was real and loaded. For them, they were just reenacting a scene from a television show.

Donald took aim at David (not their real names) and fired.

The bullet first grazed David’s right knee, bounced off something, and hit his right ear.

The incident happened inside the abandoned property of Jose Cobol in Barangay Cogon in the southwestern town of Dumanjug, Cebu on Monday, Jan. 6, 2020.

The Cobols had migrated to Mexico.

Major Ardioleto Cabagnot, chief of the Dumanjug Police Station, said a security guard at the provincial hospital in Carcar City told them about the shooting around 4:30 p.m. last Monday.

The children’s mothers didn’t notice the two boys had gone out. Their fathers were at work.

Donald and David wandered inside the Cobol property. There was nobody in the house. The two went to the makeshift hut in the backyard where they found the homemade .38 revolver with one live bullet on the floor.

“The victim told us that he climbed on top of a culvert, while his cousin took aim. None of them thought the gun was real,” Cabagnot said in Cebuano.

There was a loud explosion, and David found himself writhing in pain.

Cabagnot said the boy was very lucky the bullet didn’t him in a vital area of the body.

The police official said they are still trying to find out who owned the gun, although he admitted that might be a problem considering there were no witnesses save for the two cousins.

Police now have the firearm.

David is out of danger and in stable condition at the Cebu Provincial Hospital-Carcar City. (GPL / PJB)