Brave Choice’ Cebu Pink Paddlers show art in scars during the unveiling of

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With its unwavering dedication to raising awareness and sharing their stories among the public about breast cancer, the Cebu Pink Paddlers (CPP) held its collaborative art event “Our Brave Choice: The Unveiling” on April 9, 2 p.m. at Radisson Blu Cebu.

This initiative is a collaboration between the artists’ community doing body painting on the torsos of CPP’s breast cancer survivor members and Cebu’s well-known photographer Ted Madamba, who documented the photos showcased at the event. The exhibit features 12 photos and will be displayed locally, nationally and internationally.

Joining this event were CPP coach Christian Ian Cy, and a few notable artists and multi-awarded photographers who contributed to the collaboration.

CPP is a breast cancer survivors’ organization, which was registered as a non-profit organization last 2017. It started as a dragon boat paddling team that became the first Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Team in the Philippines.

This organization had won all of its international races under the breast cancer categories. In late 2019, the CPP leveled up to be more advocacy-driven with its realization of having greater capabilities in bringing awareness and supporting breast cancer issues to the local communities.

Its current advocacies are in Health and Wellness, Environment and Sports. “Our Brave Choice” is one of its existing programs under Health and Wellness, with the goal of bringing awareness and conversations through a beautiful collaboration with the artistic scene of Cebu.

Recent studies have shown that breast cancer is one of the many leading causes of death in Filipino women, having the highest incidence in Southeast Asia. Three out of 100 Filipinas have gotten breast cancer before reaching the age of 75, and the future trend indicates that the chances for the number of current cases to be doubled are high by the year 2040.

Even with surgical intervention, breast cancer survivors not only have to face the uncertainty of their survivorship but be reminded of the loss of their breasts and the scars they are left with. Unfortunately, these survivors are not given enough platform to engage in such conversations freely and openly with others.

Through this program, CPP aims to show others that one is still beautiful and strong as ever even without the breasts, and uplift self-identification and perception of one’s body image, all the while inspiring others. Similarly, this gives breast cancer survivors an opportunity to share their stories and create engaging and empowering conversations with one another.

The artists that took part of the project are Joan Martinez Florido, Elna Rizada, Abigail Buenaventura, Charles Bobson Gonzales Noguera, Alean Jovita, Jessica Igana-Dante and Rhodesa Uy Cruzet.

“Our Brave Choice: Where Art Meets our Scars” was exhibited on the Mezzanine of Radisson Blu until April 18. The exhibit will move to Parkmall from April 21 to May 6. And to officially open the exhibit at its new location, the ribbon-cutting ceremony will be done near American Bazaar on April 22, 3 p.m.

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