Breakfast Delight: Woman caught smuggling meth in ‘hotsilog’

Cops at the Fairview Police Station in Quezon City were surprised this morning when they learned that a pack of hotsilog — a favorite breakfast fare — was used by a woman to allegedly smuggle methamphetamine to her friend, who was detained in jail.

Suspect Camie Olaguer, 27, arrived at the police station at about 3am and insisted that she visit her friend, who has been in jail for a week. Cops barred her from seeing the man in question because Olaguer arrived before visiting hours, GMA News reported. Her insistence to see her friend and give him the hotsilog, which was inside a styrofoam pack, made the cops suspicious.

Hotsilog is a portmanteau of “hotdog,” “sinangag” (fried rice), and “itlog” (egg), usually cooked sunny side up. It’s typically eaten in the morning along with coffee or tea.

When the authorities inspected the food, the assigned guard mistakenly opened the styrofoam pack from the bottom. What he found, however, was not more hotdogs, but five sachets of what was suspected to be meth, Radyo Inquirer reports.

Olaguer denied that the meth belonged to her and said that someone else had instructed her to bring the food to her friend. However, the cops at the station dismissed the excuses and arrested her for allegedly violating Republic Act 9165, or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, ABS-CBN News reported.

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