Breathtaking Mt. Mago in Cebu: A hike worth taking

Hidden behind the hills of Danao City, Cebu is a magnificent path that will take the average hiker to a sanctuary for the clouds.

Mt. Mago is a staple for local hikers as it is a common hike trail and camping ground. For anyone in search of a breath of fresh air, it is worth the trip.

The start of the hiking trail at Mt. Mago begins in Barangay Santican, Danao City, in a small village right beside the barangay hall. The villagers are already used to hikers so it will be easy to find a tour guide, mostly young boys of school age.

When I took my first hike to Mt. Mago in October 2022, I found myself guided by schoolboys aged 8 and 12 who have mastered the trail at an early age.

Rocky upward trail

The first part of the trail takes at least an hour with a mixture of various terrain to walk onto. As I chanced upon rain on the hike, I found the trail to be even more challenging than usual.

The first part of the hike trails along a river with rocky and muddy paths interspersed by steep rock climbs. This is a good start as it already keeps the blood pumping to gear for the second part of the trail.

Don’t forget to enjoy the scenery of the lush green “kalasangan” of Danao where various trees, bushes and flowers abound along the riverbed.

Be careful not to slip among the wet rocks and muddy streams as the fall to the river can be quite high although survivable.

Long way uphill

The second part of the trail involves a long walk uphill. It may be much less exciting than the first part, but it will test the stamina of beginner and amateur hikers.

The second part of the trail takes around 30 minutes, but hikers will indulge in the scenic sights of Danao’s farmlands. Animals like carabaos, cows, chickens, and others can be seen leisurely prancing about, feeding, or bathing in the small ponds.

The trail itself is around two to three kilometers simply going up the first peak of the mountain.

Upon reaching the first peak, Mt. Mago is already visible at a distance. On an early morning, the first peak would already be under the sea of clouds, a majestic sight to behold.

Later in the day, the first peak shows the calming view of northern Cebu’s mountain ranges.


The second peak leading to Mt. Mago is less than a kilometer away from the first peak. Along the way, two other peaks can be visited to camp on if you prefer to rest before moving on.

It’s best to take time to rest because from the second peak to the actual Mt. Mago will take another one to two hours of hike along open hills.

In the second peak, Mt. Mago looks enthralling, a green giant amid a sea of blue sky.

The lush landscape of Cebu draws a breathtaking awe. The fog forming seas below the peaks give the illusion of heaven.

I was not able to reach the peak of Mt. Mago because the rain has softened the ground, the tour guides advised beginner hikers to continue.

Yet, I did not have to reach Mt. Mago to bask in its beauty and peace, far from the hustle and grind of the city life.

The journey was worth more than the destination, but believe me, Mt. Mago is a worthy destination. S