Bren Esports reverse sweep Foxy Gaming to win FSL Dota 2 Open 2021

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(Photo: FSL Dota 2 Facebook)
(Photo: FSL Dota 2 Facebook)

Filipino organisation Bren Esports' all-female Dota 2 team were crowned the champions of the 2021 FSL Dota 2 Open after they pulled off a 2-1 reverse sweep over Foxy Gaming in the grand finals on Sunday (9 May).

Bren Esports and Foxy Gaming outlasted 11 other all-female squads to face each other in the best-of-three grand finals, with Foxy Gaming even eliminating three-time FSL Dota 2 Open champions Pacific Pink in the lower bracket finals.

Bren Esports opened the series with a four-protect-one strategy headlined by Gills's Terrorblade while Foxy Gaming opted for a team fight-heavy tri-core of Faceless Void for NanA, a mid Sand King for Ningendd, and Centaur Warrunner for CatChaser.

While Foxy Gaming were unable to stop Gill's Terrorblade from topping the net worth charts, they were able to shut down the rest of Bren Esports line-up and thus dominate the midgame clashes. 

With their opponents barely able to touch them in straight-up team fights, Foxy Gaming opened up Bren Esports' base at the 32-minute mark and proceeded to methodically close them out after 41 minutes.

Ningendd on her mid Sand King paced a 39-18 kill lead for Foxy Gaming to end the game with a series-high 15 kills against just one death while CatChaser added 10 kills of her own against two deaths.

Foxy Gaming ran another heavy team fight strategy for game two, with NanA and Ningendd reprising their heroes from game one while CatChaser was put on Tidehunter. Meanwhile, Bren Esports had a more balanced line-up with Gill on Juggernaut, Meeri on a mid Tiny, and Hezelya on an offlane Dragon Knight.

Bren Esports were able to take control of game two early, as they were up 8,000 gold and leading in kills 14-4 by the 15-minute mark. Despite all of their team fight ultimates, Foxy Gaming's cores were too underfarmed to effectively take on their counterparts in clashes. 

With their opponents unable to put much of a resistance, Bren Esports forced the series to a deciding game three after 34 minutes of action.

Meeri and Hezelya led the way for Bren Esports in game two, as they notched a game-high 10 kills apiece to pace their team's 35-13 kill lead.

With the championship on the line in game three, Bren Esports went with Gill on Lifestealer, Meeri on Void Spirit, and Hezelya on Sand King while Foxy Gaming put NanA on Morphling, Ningendd on Dragon Knight, and CatChaser on Slardar.

Bren Esports were in control after the laning phase once again, building up a 4,000 gold lead and a 11-5 kill advantage by the 14-minute mark. 

NanA's Morphling was notably shut down, hampering Foxy Gaming's ability to fight as Bren Esports started to peak by the midgame. 

By 25 minutes, Bren Esports grew their gold lead to 15,000 and were already knocking on their opponents' base. Despite Foxy Gaming's best efforts to defend, Bren Esports closed them out by the 30-minute mark.

Ligaya on her support Lina notched a game-high 11 kills against two deaths as Bren Esports claimed the championship, with Neeri pitching in with a clean 10 kills of her own, to pace a 34-9 kill lead for the team.

With their victory, Bren Esports earn the grand prize of SG$350 and have finally claimed an FSL Dota 2 Open championship after falling short multiple times in the past. 

Foxy Gaming take home SG$150 in consolation for finishing second this time while Pacific Pink and Run It Down both get SG$50 for rounding out the Top 4.

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