Brgy. Subangdaku residents block entry of Hudo personnel

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RESIDENTS of Sitio Matimco, Brgy. Subangdaku, Mandaue City stopped the Housing And Urban Development Office (Hudo) staff from entering their sitio after the latter filled soil along the former’s access road.

Alexander Gestopa, the team leader of the Hudo group, said on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020, they were tasked to fill soil on the access road to the Mahayag Alliance of Structure Household Homeowners Association Inc. housing project but were blocked by the residents of the area.

He added that the residents believed that they would demolish the structures in the area, resulting in minimal riots and the holding back of their staff.

In fact, some lay on the ground even though the backhoe was still filling the ground and some residents were shouting at Hudo staff.

Gestopa clarified that they did not receive any notice from their office that the residents’ homes were to be demolished and there was no need to block them.

He added that they just wanted to fill soil on the access road so that in case of any emergency in the area, the emergency vehicles could run smoothly and not on a rocky and muddy road.

Gestopa tried to continue the filling on Thursday, Nov. 12, but the entrance was blocked and had signs that said the residents wanted financial assistance, not a demolition.

The residents in the area also guarded the entrance to stop the Hudo personnel and their heavy equipment from entering.

However, in an interview with one of the residents, Manolo Lumbab, 59, said he was given a notice of demolition on Nov. 6, and they were given only seven days from receipt of the notice to vacate the area.

He said filling soil on their access road was just an excuse for Hudo to demolish their property. Only Lumbab received a notice of demolition in Sitio Lower Matimco.

However, he said 12 households were given the same notice in Sitio Matimco. Lumbab is one of the residents who blocked the Hudo staff. He said he has the right to build their house in the area because it was donated during the time of former Mandaue City Mayor Alfredo Ouano.

Lumbab showed his papers proving that he is a beneficiary entitled to stay inside the 9.2-hectare property in Brgy. Subangdaku.

Lumbab grew up and started a family in that area and lives with his five children and five grandchildren. Gestopa urged residents who have any complaints about their activity to go to their department head Tony Pet Juanico to file their complaint. / KFD

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