Bridgestone PH launches ‘Safer Road for All: Always in All Ways’ campaign

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A YEAR later into the pandemic, everyone is still struggling from the ravages of the Covid-19 crisis. Just when people are getting back on their feet, cases rose rapidly again. Now, some are back in quarantine and many of them feel helpless. The pandemic has disrupted the economy, communities and lives for the second time.

Is 2021 a repeat of last year? A lockdown déjà vu? Bridgestone Philippines refuses to go back to square one.

Recovery may seem far away from where the country is standing, but everyone is persevering and racing towards the finish line. There may be a need to slow down and walk at times, but everyone is definitely moving forward together.

It has been taught time and again that safety is important in all aspects of people’s lives. During the pandemic, everyone learned to make it a priority and Bridgestone Philippines is embracing it.

Thus, Bridgestone welcomes everyone with “Safer Road For All: Always in All Ways,” a campaign to look out for in the remainder of 2021. This signifies the brand’s leadership on road safety as it takes to greater heights last year’s campaign, “A Safer Road For All.”

Bridgestone Philippines aims to elevate the coverage and importance of road safety in the lives of Filipinos, hence, “Always in All Ways.” Serving society with superior quality tires has always been Bridgestone’s mission since its foundation. SPONSORED CONTENT