Brie Larson slated over 'cringeworthy' trailer for new movie Basmati Blues

Ben Arnold
(Credit: AMBI)

Warm up those cringe muscles, because the first trailer for Brie Larson musical rom-com ‘Basmati Blues’ is like a full-body workout.

Featuring a host of cliches from the ‘fish out of water’ to the ‘white saviour’, it’s already getting an absolute panning online… and we’ve only seen the first two-and-a-half minutes of it.

Starring Larson as a scientist who creates a genetically-modified type of rice, she’s sent to India to try and persuade farmers that it’s the future.

There she falls in love with both the country and a handsome Indian gent, played by Utkarsh Ambudkar.

It’s not going down well.

Well, that went well.

She signed up for the movie in 2013, prior to her massive breakthrough and Oscar win for the spectacular ‘Room’, and it’s been struggling to gain a release slot ever since.

Perhaps now we know why.

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