This brilliant Ikea hack turns two £50 chest of drawers into a custom-made desk

Dusty Baxter-Wright
Photo credit: Pinterest/Lust For Living

From Cosmopolitan

  • This Ikea hack combines two £50 chests of drawers with a work top to make the equivalent of a custom-made makeup station or desk, and we're obsessed with it.
  • Is anyone else planning on Ikea hacking their whole house right now? Because same.

While we're not claiming to be the Nick Knowles of Ikea hacks, we know a good one when we see it. Following on from the clever way of turning a BILLY Bookcase into built-in storage, we've spotted another hack for changing two sets of MALM drawers into a custom-made worktop.

And by 'worktop' we mean: brilliant and huge dressing table, chic and minimalist desk, or extra storage space for all the crap we hoard. The tutorial was shared on Pinterest by Lust For Living, real name Olivia, who says she wanted to create "a desk that was affordable but also [had] enough storage and tabletop space."

This is the result:

Combining what looks like the LILLTRÄSK kitchen worktop with two of the ever popular MALM chests of three drawers, the blogger managed to create a huge worktop with 'built-in' storage, for £125. And the best part is? There's no screwing, drilling or actual manual labour required, because the weight of the worktop means it doesn't slide about.

Now that is a hack.

Writing about it on her blog, Olivia said: "Teamed with a few accessories and my DIY Wire Memo Board, [the DIY worktop] ties together nicely - and despite having a terrible habit of changing it up every month or so, I’m still chuffed with my workspace."

Check out the full tutorial here.

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