Briones: Who am I to judge?

Publio J. Briones III
·2 min read

I SHOULDN’T be too hard on hypocrites.

Yet, I am. I can’t help it. Even though I cringe at the very thought of being judgmental, especially since I hate it when others judge me. Which, when you come to think of it, makes me a hypocrite, too.

Does that make sense?

I don’t want to use “sanctimonious” either. Because, let’s face it, that’s worse.

When I hear that “S” word, I picture people getting on their high horse and acting all uppity and looking down on everyone else because they think — no, they believe — they have the moral high ground.


I looked up synonyms for “hypocrite” and found “humbug.”

Nah, too Dickensian. At any rate, I don’t think the hoi polloi in Cebu could relate, unless they’ve read “A Christmas Carol” or have lived in 19th century England. Which I find highly unlikely.

Plus, who uses “humbug” in this day and age, anyway? As a noun it means someone who is acting in a deceptive manner. As a verb, it means to deceive someone.

So how come no one uses it to describe politicians? Wait, before you start, I don’t mean “all” politicians. Obviously the ones I like and admire are sincere and well-meaning. Obviously.

Which, again, makes me somewhat of a hypocrite, doesn’t it? Or maybe I’m being too harsh on myself.

Having double standards does have a habit of skewing one’s moral compass.

Take what happened past midnight last Saturday, Jan. 16, 2021.

The police — oh, don’t get me started on them — conducted Oplan Bulabog and apprehended 166 persons for violating health protocol.

To those who still don’t know or pretend not to know what “bulabog” means, it’s to disturb a situation. At least, that’s what it says when I googled it. You see, words can have different meanings and can mean different things to people, which is basically saying the same thing but I just wanted to make sure we are on the same wavelength.

Anyway, among those caught were 12 doctors.

Yeah, I know. Stop rolling your eyes and start scraping your eyebrows off the ceiling.

They were in a restobar having a few drinks. So what? I mean, they’re entitled to chillax, right? After all, it’s not easy being a frontliner during a pandemic. They deserve to unwind.

But, as the police pointed out, the doctors still broke the law because they did not observe social distancing and were drinking alcohol in a public place after the 11 p.m. curfew.

Oh yeah... so now you understand my predicament.

For someone who has an opinion on almost everything, I’m actually at a loss for words.