Briones: Feeling grateful

REGARDLESS of what happens today during the Sinulog Grand Parade and Ritual Showdown, which, for the first time, will be held at the South Road Properties, Cebuanos should be grateful that we can all get back out on the streets to celebrate this joyous occasion.

It won’t be as big as previous celebrations, especially after 10 contingents pulled out at the very last minute, but it’s a start.

The last two years have been trying as many were forced to cope with an invisible enemy that wreaked havoc on the people’s psyche not to mention the devastating force of nature that swept across the island and upended hundreds of thousands of lives.

So, yes. We’ve come a long way, baby. Rain or no rain. Mud or no mud. We’ve been through far worse.

And lest we forget, this year’s Sinulog is not just about the grand parade. Tell that to the devotees who didn’t miss one novena mass, who joined the Walk with Jesus and Walk with Mary, who lined the streets for the Traslacion, who witnessed the seaborne procession and, most importantly, who attended the solemn procession despite the weather forecast.

The revelry that comes with the street dancing is but icing on the cake.

Do I wish for things to be different? Well, regardless of what I think, it was never my call so there’s no point in dwelling on something that I had no control over.

Again, we’ve been through so much these past two years. Anything that doesn’t involved being forced to stay inside our house unless we were “authorized persons outside of residence” or standing in line for hours for water, gasoline or cash is a huge improvement.

Let’s just savor the moment and give thanks.

The fact that there has been so much discourse on where the grand parade and ritual showdown should be held only means that we have all moved on and things are finally back to normal. It would have been impossible to fathom, say, two years ago.

Relax and enjoy. We’ve been so caught up with the Sinulog these past few days that we’ve forgotten about other pressing matters out there. No need to bring them up right now. We’ll have plenty of time to do that once this is all over.

So have a break, have a chocolate-covered wafer bar confection and give yourself a pat on the back for being here.

Pit Señor!