Briones: A real ‘shortage’

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Oops. I may have spoken too soon about Cebu averting a chicken crisis.

I learned from some friends on Friday, July 15, 2022, that the problem is real. And that several fast-food joints have been forced to shut their doors because of the lack of supply.

But does this mean majority of Cebuanos are affected and suffering as a result? You be the judge.

From what I have gathered, poultry products are readily available in grocery stores and public markets. Okay, some eateries may have jacked up the price of chicken dishes but it’s only because the price of chicken has gone up. And trust me, they’re not singling out the chicken. They’ve also raised the prices of pork, beef, you name it.

One friend pointed out that the chicken problem can be blamed on the scarcity of feeds and tied it up with the ongoing war in the Ukraine.

I don’t know how true that is but I’m pretty sure the Provincial Government under Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia will sort the matter out in no time.

Cebu was quick to ban poultry products from areas where bird flu was detected to protect its P12 billion poultry industry.

And if I remember correctly, it coordinated with three financial institutions to provide assistance to poultry owners who were affected by super typhoon Odette to make sure Cebuanos would have ample supply of their favorite bird.

Let me give you a recap.

Poultry owners convened in the Capitol in January to seek the governor’s assistance. Among their complaints were damage to their facilities, high mortality rate among their domestic animals because of the absence of power and the lack of feeds since ships carrying raw materials couldn’t dock in Cebu ports because of the damage brought about by Odette.

Thankfully, many or most of them were able to avail themselves of low-interest loans with a longer grace period from the three financial institutions to get back on their feet.

What I am saying is, if there is a chicken problem, it’s not as dire as the one we faced at the beginning of the year when the threat was all too real.

Not that I’m belittling the feelings of those who could no longer eat their favorite fried chicken and are devastated.

I too panicked when the Cebu City Government imposed a liquor ban during the start of the pandemic lockdown. I mean it was bad enough that it turned our world upside down with all the restrictions and whatnot, but deprive me and others like me of the drink?

I know. Shameful. Outright cruel. Barbaric. But hey, I survived. And so shall you.

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