Briones: Reopening the sports center

Publio J. Briones III
·2 min read

WHEN will the Cebu City Government reopen the Cebu City Sports Center (CCSC) to the public?

I’m just asking since the facility has been closed for more than a year now, or even before the city was placed under enhanced community quarantine on March 28, 2020.

I’m talking in particular about the oval.

You know, that circular thing where people used to jog or walk or strut and take selfies or groufies or show off the latest fashion in sportswear.

Yeah, that one.

Under the circumstances — it is summer and most residents in the metro do not have an air-conditioner — it is the most convenient place for people to get some fresh air, or what qualifies as fresh air in these parts, where they can flex their muscles that have been unflexed since the coronavirus pandemic began.

If management is worried about the threat of transmission, it can easily control the number of people at the entrance and apply existing protocols.

That means, minors and those 60 years old and above will not be allowed in. And everyone inside must maintain social distancing and wear face masks or face shields. It can’t be both. That would be stupid. I mean, have you tried to run while wearing a face mask and a face shield at the same time?

You know, the CCSC can do what the Cebu Business Park has been doing to control the crowd that gathers in its streets and open lots in the mornings and in the afternoons.

It has deployed roving guards with megaphones to remind visitors to observe quarantine guidelines. It has placed guards at all entrances to turn away minors, although I have yet to see them turn away senior citizens.

You see, people need to exercise, especially those who have been cooped up inside their homes for so long.

Do I need to point out the health benefits of being physically active?

Aside from helping to control weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and type 2 diabetes, it reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers. It also helps to manage pain, maintain and increase joint movement as well as prevent falls and injury and improve mental health and mood.

By the way, I got the list from the internet and copied it. But you get the general idea.

Mayor Edgardo Labella, of all people, should know. He was a regular at the oval with his friends.

By the way, if he decides to reopen the facility, the City can also earn much-needed extra cash. It’s actually a win-win for everyone.

So what say you, Mr. Mayor?