Brod Pete’s amusing thoughts on the Papal Visit

The Pope has left the building... sadly, I was not able to interview him. Well, at the very least, I am happy to have been able to interview someone quite interesting recently. He may not be the leader of the Church, but he’s also charismatic, well-versed and funny, too. When Pope Francis came, we all cried out, “Viva Il Papa.” When we see this guy, we all shout, “Alien! Alien!” Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s none other than Brod Pete. [caption id="attachment_232469" align="alignright" width="182"] BROD PETE[/caption] Gossip Girl (GG): What’s up, Brod Pete? Brod Pete (BP): The heavens, the skies, the stars, and some aliens… GG: What do you think of Pope Francis visiting the Philippines? BP: I wish his apostolate directed to the poor will continue forever or till eternity, whichever comes first. GG: How did the Pope inspire you? BP: Because of him I have been going to mass religiously except Sundays, and only because I have to work. As you know, I have ‘Celebrity Bluff,’ which airs on GMA-7 every Sunday. GG: I heard you have a huge following just like Pope Francis? BP: Yes. Several millions… most of them aliens… GG: Just like Pope Francis, I heard you’re headed to Europe as well… BP: Yes, I will be heading to Europe, not in Rome though but in España…extension near UST. There’s a place there called Europe Café. GG: What are your plans for 2015? BP: To make the best leche flan so I can proudly give it to my friends as a gift. GG: I’m pretty sure you have a lot of friends… BP: Well, I have lots of friends, but they all hate me. GG: Why do you think your friends hate you? BP: Because they can’t understand my jokes. You see, my jokes are reserved for the intelligent. My punchlines are witty. And so, now you know the type of company I keep. But you know what? I take my cue from the Pope. He tells us to focus on Jesus. And that’s what I do. Jesus said, we must forgive our enemies, so I have forgiven my enemies. Now, whatever they think of me, I still think of them as my friends. If anything, I think of simple gags for them like, “Why did the Pope cross the street?” GG: Why? BP: To get to the other side. My goodness Giselle! And you are a magna cum laude from UP!

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